[G] Super SMG lottery experts express analysis of winning audience list

ring : have you watched todays super G contest? We have analyzed three lottery expert Han Yizhong teacher focus battle Spain and Germany for everyone,
after a lively discussion and expert of the host,
the final conclusion is that Bremen win,
emperor horse wins,
Barcelona will win 2 or more balls.
How many friends predict that? Bremen wins victory in the relegation zone,
only one road,
although the Korean teacher began to give conservative results Bremen unbeaten,
but can not bear the host of questioning,
the cornered Han teacher finally gave Bremen wins the answer; and for the second field off negative Real Madrid victory over La Coruna as a result of experts the host and the audience,
this is not what too much disagreement.
Third negative field,
in order to ensure that the Spanish champions Barcelona,
this will also ensure the victory without reservation,
but because Barca let two ball,
2 ball above is a question whether the universe team win.
The host may suspect Barcelona resorted to underhand,

Handsome appearance, affordable, domestic cost-effective SUV, plus a car

ring  drive in recent years,
Chinas auto market SUV hot,
so that independent brands through this Dongfeng,
is frequently staged a period of sales myth.
Of course,
no one wants to waste this great opportunity.
The manufacturers are doing all they can to develop new SUV to meet the various needs of the market.
Even in different levels of each segment of the market,
but also launched a comprehensive layout of the product.
The small SUV market,
which is the military hundred-percent a hotly contested spot,
just one or two years,
gathered such as Changan CS35,
refine S3,
V3 and other popular models in china.
This is not a little taste of the catch up from behind Beiqi Saab also not resigned to playing second fiddle after the launch of the X25,
and more active preparations,
timely introduction of X35,
make the brand more competitive.
the car arrived,
and uncle from Hangzhou brick Saab X35 with the test report! General guidance: May 20th announced the price and the listing of the engine: the 1.
5L na

The center compiles my VC rule

ring le is compiled by China Investor center.
Translators note: the author is Adam Besvinick,
Deep Fork capital investors,
this is his own back and forth in the investment requirements of self rule,
for each investor reference projects.
My VC rule has been around the investment circle for almost two years,
and Ive had one thousand meetings or phone calls with these entrepreneurs.
Almost everyone of them and I shared my background in Deep Fork,
and how I took the time to build the right context for the founders communication and potential partnerships to help them.
I have listed in and I found / LED investment projects,
in which I communicate,
strive for personal rule / principle / standard to comply with,
and how I do the best to accomplish the task.
Some of them may look very basic,
very much on the table,
and to be honest,
a lot of them are.
But I hear too much VC doesnt do these little things so I cant ignore it.
The public put on this piece of paper,
I hope to be able to achie

The end of the sink frightened me

ring ideo can not play,
clear WeChat cache,
and then enter the refresh] [material from the network,
if there is infringement,
please contact delete] Click to read the original,
see more funny video

Miss Barbara Yung died thirty-one, here loaded with beautiful memories of Qiao Huang Rong

ring ar in May 14th.
This day,
for the nostalgia monarch,
undoubtedly has a special significance.
The life first called Idol her suicide in May 14,
death of a beauty.
So far,
thirty-one years have passed.
She is Barbara Yung.
She played Huang Rong,
and the 83 edition of heroes of the Condor,
I believe that not only the love of the past Kings life,
but also a collective memory of a generation.
The soundtrack tiexuedanxin Overture ~ ~ ~ ~ so far,
when tiexuedanxin passionate music sound,
will make people full of excitement.
When the young nostalgia Jun,
perception of the play is also the first theme song from the beginning.
Roman Tam Jenny Tseng,
the original Roman Tam Jenny Tseng Hello world always sound like the sounds of nature,
whether it is tiexuedanxin,
or life and meaningful for the 83 Hello world has always been legend version of the song,
Many years later today,
had not destroyed in the drama walk on Stephen Chow feelings,
let Adam and Karen Mok again dedu

In May, the day, this is not to understand the MV, let you understand the summer light behind the gentle

ring mmer after May day tell us growth is gently embrace the world in this new era,
people are busy buying new clothes for the new object,
the lead singer of the band are busy trying to wait a variety of musical styles,
annual one hundred new songs.
In May,
the day,
but calmly for a song 17 years ago to shoot the MV,
that is the first lot of people KTV must point program gentle.
As soon as the new MV came out,
fans shouted,
the five members of the day in May were only passers-by,
and they showed their faces at the end of the MV.
But I have to say,
this is really great MV,
directly to the soft of this song in 17 years,
in addition to singing the love of another layer of meaning - growth,
with seventeen years of the May day and us.
Really want to read this MV,
in fact,
from a few years ago that summer light years MV talking about.
I am proud of the destruction of my hatred of ordinary male Lord,
the biggest hobby is painting,
but forced to read books,
a little bit unsatis

Why have pushed Nissan buddy MITSUBISHI false door

ring s the Japanese car firms,
but also mutual cooperation buddy,
why MITSUBISHI Nissan tongshicaoge? Everything is a Li word.
Financial decision No.
1: ENNweekly (long press copy),
the national financial weekly reporter Zhang Yaolan for the Japanese brand car Buddy - Nissan and MITSUBISHI,
the friendship of the boat suddenly turned.
In April 20,
the German public,
who has been held up by the emission gate,
has a fellow worker in Japan,
and MITSUBISHI has been traced to fuel consumption fraud,
which has been its partner for many years - nissan.
After the scandal,
MITSUBISHI shares fell cliff like 1 hours,
down 15%.
Three weeks after the incident,
the market value of the evaporation of MITSUBISHI car 42%,
about  billion,
related models of sales also immediately cut.
The fake door model involved by the joint venture company NMKV development design,
the company was established in 2010,
MITSUBISHI and Nissan car accounted for 50% of each share.
Models by MITSUBISHI for manufacturing,

I just love your low EQ

ring  | Wutu with |GothicQueen source | writers circle (ID:xieshouquan010) 1.
see the Ode to joy,
a play on the singularity of seckill many teenage girls,
first with a guessing game online Liao Mei,
meet to know each other love taste,
choose appropriate restaurant after paying.
This one looks not particularly handsome man but charming behavior.
Hes really capable and talented,
but hes got three points against everybody and five points.
Even his lover,
will investigate behind closed doors.
Know that Andy has a family history of genetic disorders,
not only she may be mentally ill,
the future of children are likely to inherit the singularity,
the heart of the contradictions have long been revealed.
How can Andys high IQ be imperceptible?.
As a live person all things to all men always have to consider worldly-wise and play safe,
the feelings of the parents,
and Andy together is too risky.
After all,
this relationship is irresponsible for ones life and future generations.
Singularity can be so

Mo Yan's speech in Japan was so shocking that all the bad guys had the same ending

ring  tell those upstarts,
corrupt officials,
corrupt officials are using our literary works,
they are in the same boat,
if the ship sank,
whether youre wearing a brand,
full of jewelry,
shabby in dress or having not a single copper result is the same.
Mo Yans speech at the Forum on East Asian literature,
the speech entitled who are guilty?.
Some people say that Mo Yan deserves the Nobel prize only for this speech.
Thank you and I admire Japanese friends for choosing such a rich topic for the forum.
Human society is noisy,
out of order,
scene of debauchery,
sensual pleasures,
looks very complicated,
but serious thought,
but also the pursuit of wealth and poverty,
rich in pursuit of pleasure and stimulation -- basically is such a little thing.
There is a big Chinese ancient sage Sima Qian said: the world hee hee,
are to benefit; the world,
all profits go to.
a Chinese sage,
said: rich and expensive,
what people want,
poor and cheap,
people are ev

It was made a vegetable queen, and 99 of the people didn't know how to eat it

ring to leaves,
that is,
after the sweet potato in autumn,
the leaves on the top of the stem are ripe.
The test shows that every one hundred grams of fresh sweet potato leaves containing 2.
28 grams of protein,
2 grams fat,
1 grams of sugar,
mineral potassium 16 mg,
3 mg of iron,
phosphorus 34 mg,
42 mg carotene,
vitamin C0.
32 mg.
Compared with common vegetables,
the mineral and vitamin content is excellent,
and the carotene content is even higher than the carrot.
As a result,
the Asian Vegetable Research Centre has named sweet potato leaves a highly nutritious vegetable variety and called it vegetable queen.
Study on the nutritional value of modern nutrition of sweet potato leaf showed that the sweet potato leaf has a special flavor and rich nutrition,
is a variety of vegetables do not match,
a lot of vitamin C and vitamin B2,
carotenoid and tocopherol content,
is the human body needs a good source of minerals.
According to the analysis,
sweet potato leaves contain carotene,
vitamin C,

[fishing friends contribute] clever do not knot big line

ring ng friends often hit the main line when fishing for fish,
the reason for it,
mostly for big lines damaged or knotted,
did not deal with,
and now we introduce a large line of practice,
no knot big line! First of all,
we expand the line with the stem part of the connection,
and this part is the most important.
Ive been here many times before!!! Notice that the space bean,
when worn,
is a single wire that enters the beans and then cuts the steel wire.
Dont go into a double strand wire,
a space beans,
which also has the damage of line.
If this double stranded wire inside,
and then pull the space beans,
will have damage to the line.
Remember!!!!!! At this point,
the big line is no knot,
the space beans do not need to knot the knot below,
and rest assured that the space beans will not slip down.
If you worry about accidentally pulling out the beans,
you can put a knot in the short line that comes out,
as follows!! The knot doesnt affect the entire line,
and of course,
the knot doesnt need to be hi

Five years, the most profitable industry exposure, such people most promising

ring recommend stocks,
diagnostic function on-line ~ click on the gold online public number menu bar,
boutique sinks - stock diagnostics,
you can view the latest stock rating! The National Bureau of Statistics announced on 13 2015 the average wage data,
all of a table platform survey unit employment average annual wage of 53615 yuan,
the National Urban Non private units average wage is 62029 yuan,
the national urban private sector employment in the average wage is 39589 yuan.
Increase in 2015 in the average annual wage of post employment.
From the National Bureau of statistics in the face of this group of national average income data,
many netizens said,
he himself after dragging his legs,
Xiaobian also sad look at their salary.
About money bag! These industries high wages,
do not look at the loss of up to 2015 Urban Non private sector employment industry average annual wage.
From the National Bureau of statistics of non private units,
despite the increase in the financial industry is relatively

Cosmetic instrument reverse growth goddess Ivy Chen 30 is still delicate, like 18, what is her favorite skin care instrument?

ring s running boys,
do you guys have wood to see? My brother is a [[and] Peng Peng Zhang Tianai healer fairy son of the period Ivy Chen]! (here I want to get a word,
do not know if you have not thought of running man more and more ugly,
played quite false,
now basically a period it was not what the bursting point,
a strong Amway Friday variety special partner,
on good guys!) This period in order to see ah Meng Da Chen Dafa! Baidu,
Ivy Chen is 82 years,
that is,
she has this year.
34 years old!! What? Can you see that?! Like most people,
I first met Ivy Chen also because of the struggle for the small fairy,
I was just thinking,
oh how will the eyes so watery girl? After all these years,
Ivy Chen is still a young girl.
Open her,
or 18 years old brilliant ~ she fried chicken,
like sports,
less time to spend so hard,
she also early morning run,
is also worship! And there is a very classic action is,
where to travel to leave her upside down figure ~ she said,
in the

Gao Yi Wei Sike Ampquot Ampquot elelux asset investment fundamentals live in these areas

ring nd report: chinafundnews [WeChat] review 2016 has more than half of the A shares of the wind and rain,
fog continues,
the mood of investors as a badly frightened person.
In the future,
which plate will have the opportunity? What storms are there in the financial markets? The source | good buy fund research center,
chief research officer elelux Vico Yi assets served as a partner of Shanghai Greenwoods Asset Management Limited,
over the past 4 years to participate in the management of private equity products achieved outstanding investment performance.
Before the inauguration to build letter fund management Co.
served as deputy director of the investment department,
members of the investment committee,
the fund manager.
He has worked as an industry researcher in many fields such as consumer goods,
real estate,
investment goods,
TMT and so on.
During the tenure of Jing Lin assets,
we have participated in the management of a large number of private equity fund products and QFII accounts,

8 brands, part of the product was banned by Alibaba whole network

ring na Technology Review: May 12th morning news,
Alibaba announced the repaying part of non compliant business products,
small household appliances market operation to the first - hemisphere,
triangle 8 commodity category brand is a variety of the whole network repaying the punishment,
goods relates to electric water heater,
electric cooker,
electric Hot pot etc.
Some of these brands of goods due to quality problems,
is prohibited in Taobao,
1688 and other Alis electronic business platform continues to sell,
and the rest of the products will also be subject to more stringent sampling.
Sampling locked target repaying the Tmall data show that in the small appliance industry category,
the average due to the quality problem of consumer complaints is significantly higher than the value of the Tmall platform,
seriously affect the consumer experience.
According to the Alibaba platform commodity management center responsible person,
according to the rules,
if the brand after two times

Male god sent delicate goddess is very thin

ring l of modern fashion trend known as Shanghai of a city in the city of Shanghai a city filled with exquisite quality (picture material from the network) living in Shanghai city women every cell is the city deeply disseminated in the office work of the goddess know more with the delicate spirit of life at the moment they feel tentacles,
is ushering in a delicate encounter accidentaly across.
See the goddess in the work space encounter Zhen dilute Shanghai summer afternoon,
the office was filled with a trace of weariness.
neatly dressed in a tuxedo,
the male god stunning debut,
will be the afternoon fatigue swept away,
attracted a large number of white-collar women in the workplace.
With the music sounded,
men of God who instantly incarnation elegant dancers,
attract white-collar workers have stopped,
feel a sense of freshness in the scorching summer.
Delicate care,
so that the goddess feel Zhen dilute,
followed by male gods who use special Western dishes for white-collar workers

Looks a little sinister, when a small fish meets a tough character

ring nt little fish,
he met a fierce character.
This guy has a small angle,
cock heart snail,
also called conus,
is a highly poisonous marine organisms,
mainly grown in tropical waters is such as body.
Because the tip part of it hides a small opening,
which can have fangs venom,
enough to make the injured died.
Funny GIF map,
WeChats hottest dynamic map,
public accounts,
new users click to read the text,
quickly pay attention to this account

This is the first time to see the ice could eat dogs

ring he funny concentration camp to pay attention to me! In order to give Thailand a master two Home Wang cool,
then put the ice into a dog bowl.
Star Wang looks good is good to enjoy it ~ Thailand snack a dog! It doesnt look good,
but please bring me a bowl!

Flat wear this short legs embarrassing and sad farewell

now Jeff high-energy let the body become more tall woman,
but it is too hard! And it's not enough.
It's not enough to walk a little bit more.
Love back flat heart more dependable ~ and,
as long as the master of a method of wear on,
choose the style,
flat shoes can be significantly long legs! Want to know the shoes wear law which has a few strokes several? Wear small stars who are not used to high heels,
and quickly poke read the original and gather to learn!

Cannes Film Festival K and QueenSampquot Ampquot sat next to laughing once loved female students

ring  Film Festival to enter the second day,
directed by Judy Fosters Hollywood monster talented woman money premiere became the absolute Star home court,
including the director,
Clooney and Roberts,
three Hollywood 60 Montana lined up easily Hold live audience.
Amal Clunie (Amal Clooney),
George Clunie (George Clooney) at the 2016 Cannes Film Festival Money Monster premiere red carpet dress: Versace Amal (Atelier Versace) high Jessica Chastan (Jessica Chastain),
Naomi Watts (Naomi Watts),
Julian Moore (Julianne Moore) the elegant dress also sent still did not let us down.
In addition,
at the opening ceremony.
Krristen Stewart (Kristen Stewart) and Queen S are still busy to attend the luncheon party and other variety,
small K and former girlfriend Soko Chanel dinner in the meeting! More beautiful figure now to Fanfankan ~ Amal Clunie (Amal Clooney),
George Clunie (George Clooney) Queen S a Valentino to go to the Cannes Film Festival Cafe Society press luncheon,
five months pregnant,
is st

[original] egg car turned out to be oviparous

ring  can lay eggs! A BMW X5 in the car started,
did not see the pier on the spherical,
direct pressure up.
The results missed a place of oil,
which is four advertising? Oh,
youre not laying eggs alone! What fate?! Im drunk too!

Execution is not in place, everything is zero

ring is not in place,
emphasizing the objective difficulties and other issues,
and the emphasis on executive power and attention to detail is the best measure of marketing innovation,
temporarily summed up as ten equals zero.
A job without effort is equal to zero,
for each marketing person,
must learn to cherish,
learn to thanksgiving.
Under the financial crisis,
marketers should cherish the current opportunities.
in order to know how to seize the opportunity,
people will laugh at the end,
there is work if not to cherish,
golden rice will become mud bowl.
the ability to do nothing is equal to zero,
everyone has their own strengths,
know their strengths,
and through practice to allow their own value to other peoples identity,
in order to obtain more room for development.
if you think horse,
traveling thousands of miles,
to show their ability at the same time,
the horses will appear.
Always remember that potential advantages can only be an advantage,
or they will become a

From industry depth manuscript to venture capital field, how does entertainment capital transform?

ring u Chenyang source: Hedgehog commune reproduced in this article has been authorized two years ago in May,
Wu Lixiang and Zheng Dawson chatted about the public number of things,
a little perturbed.
Is it too late for us to start now? Well,
compared with the large ones,
its still a bit late.
Its OK.
The most important thing is to step out.
Although there is still hesitation in mind,
but the public number entertainment capital thus began his first push.
Among them,
Luyu Chen how 7 million 750 thousand of income a year constitute how aroused widespread concern.
Zheng Daosen was originally derived from the founder of a small detail -- the entertainment capital of the discovery,
as television shareholder Luyu Chen,
presided over a single set of Lu Yu about the salary is only more than 5400,
but the annual income is 7 million 750 thousand.
So Zheng Daosen writer,
Wu Lixiang analysis behind the industry average price of the company,
from the incision,
they analyzed the

By Fang as bainiaozhaofeng on your knees kneel this can save other art film

ring er: if I can only like you to knee,
bring 2000 added to bainiaozhaofeng,
that I would like to see this opportunity today to kneel quietly released no in.
Although you kneel in that two rich generation commercial blockbusters,
but in my opinion the fans,
bainiaozhaofeng is undoubtedly the theatrical film born with a golden spoon two rich generation: from the day of the premiere nine yard line manager Qi appearance,
number of directors will support star join situation.
You can know it a priori than most art films have more abundant resources.
As the movie tap water,
you kneel to the courtyard line,
did increase the bainiaozhaofeng row piece,
but these spare limited and precious matches,
obviously not from the Captain America and other 3 blockbuster,
but out of the row piece in other movies.
I do not want to conspiracy theory that you kneel is a film in the capital market,
but also a good story,
but the feelings of this card really can be self abuse it? June,
as well as roadside pi

The hottest activity, TOP10, have some more to join us

st working day of May,
city hunters selected the ten most exciting events of the past month for you,
while you were still in attendance!!! Coordinates: Beijing,
drum experience in West Africa - drumming takes you to Africa without any musical foundation,
just releasing the heart.
Let the beauty of primitive rhythms remove rust from the soul.
Location: the Great Wall computer building price: 20,
the piano player will take you to play a few beautiful tunes,
without foundation,
two lessons,
three songs,
do you happy blind terminator.
Enjoy the works of famous artists,
and act happily together.
Location: Shuangjing price: 38 two hour retro skirt wearing home taught you how to tailor clothes to wear home two hours of beauty.
To sew their own small sexy,
accomplishment bursting.
Retro skir

Don't drink coffee as poison the App science iOS caffeine help you dig App

micro signals: geekpark,
caffeine monitoring,
digging App,
many people have tea and coffee habits,
especially those who need to stay up late,
because we need caffeine.
But after refreshing,
the side effects of caffeine also follow,
and excessive amounts of caffeine can cause anxiety like symptoms such as palpitations,
and sleep disturbances.
Control the daily caffeine intake can help you avoid the coffee and tea drinking poison,
but always no one too seriously,
one of the reasons is not what good tool to help us record the daily caffeine intake.
the App is a very handy monitoring tool for caffeine intake that will help you control your daily intake of caffeine into an amount that doesn't hurt your body.
UP Coffee is a caffeine monitoring application design is very beauti

Hold a good chin, someone else's May Day holiday is like this... (attached to the list of winners)

liday - the extended edition is gone this weekend.
Do you feel swollen? Anyway,
Cheng Cheng is not the day fried chicken! As a youth Youth Day actually do not enjoy the holidays (nagging in) even if the indignant Cheng Cheng still has the obligation to you about popular big data this may well know where to go to a wave attached next holiday: the period of week coot award list: Jasmine.
Qingqingcao Soulmate Wang Jianguang Jeeny Lin the little orange little ZHU rare sunny congratulations over fans get a weeks black duck,
please in May 6th before the + name + contact address private letter to our background!

Music fairy Wang Ziwen shelling Jiang Xin her only lead to collapse from aspect only one brand.

the broadcast of the Ode to joy suddenly encountered in Waterloo,
before the play was much acclaimed conscience Virgo - realism produced,
now has become the only 7.
9 watercress score rotten drama ,
who was also Tucao said is ultimately a bad shot hillshade heterosexual TV.
All these reasons Xiao Xiao Qu,
all because of the character of the overall collapse.
In the beginning we song fairy is very loved by all the people.
That is the two rich generation identity let her occupation career to become the object of everyone benefited in every way,
envy; and although she mouth poison,
but the friend is willing to do anything,
Shengmei fan into the police station,
Andy's mistress incident is she rushed in the first line to put peace.
Of course,
the most impressed,
she and Wang Zhao is s

This classic film in forty years finally reunited in deep V film

v_movier life,
just a moment to spring flowers in the spring and summer season,
and mixed season,
perhaps at this time should be occasional teacher Zhao Zhongxiang sounded the familiar animal mating,
but today still imagine Mr.
V a magnetic voice,
listen to Mr.
V about as far away as New York Cui Tribeca Film festival.
The Tribeca Film Festival held every year in this season,
has been held 15 sessions,
it was founded by the famous American actor Robert Deniro and producer Jan Rosente in 2002.
This year the Tribeca Film Festival is particularly remarkable,
because it makes the people created the classic film 40 years ago gathered together again! To see this,
you should also know that this cinematic classics is taxi driver.
The taxi driver was based on the end of the Vietnam War,
and Tra

Why are people young but feel old, a daily 2 minute 37 seconds

v_movier life,
only a quarter length: 02'37''Star: 7.
6 life is very long,
long to you do not know when is the end.
Life is short,
short enough for you to recall the past and hope for.
But have you ever thought that all the things you want to do and what you don't realize can start right now.
What do you want to be when you grow up? British actor and producer Idris Elba (Idris Alba) interviewed people of different ages and asked when they thought they had grown up When asked a grey-haired old man,
becomes strange and absurd,
Idris finally come to the conclusion that people think he is no longer young watershed is not age,
but they stop learning,
stop the pursuit of a dream,
the reality of compromise and peace of mind,
since that is when the mature performance.
The word dream is used by

Other people's long holidays, vs your long vacation

liday returns,
many people have been home,
how about your May Day? 1.
travel you guess? Travel not have discouraged travel today to recommend you [ten of the world's most beautiful lakes] Mito enjoy love with a mobile phone camera friends can learn about the first generation of iPhone film with photo retouching software processing

It's no joke that you have to throw away these things at home for 3 months at all

ge PS: feel shy,
Xiao Bian today again too late! In daily life,
it is a good habit of thrift but we should also pay attention to health.
Some things for a long time,
this will throw away the next Xiaobian take you to see what supplies are not suitable for long time use a bath ball bath ball usually hides a lot of bacteria,
especially in the bathroom this kind of wet place for 3 months the best time for the new contact lens case contact lens case after 3 months of use because every time the best throw open the lid of the box will be adsorbed bacteria that will increase the risk of infection of eye contact lens box is best not to put the bathroom because of damp easily lead to bacteria and mildew glasses box towel is the most frequently change things need to update the best control period in

nk it's worth to go to the cinema to exercise patience? Did you go to the scenic spot to see the head? Is it on the way to listen to the music? Don't lose heart,
prepare your passion,
the June film explodes! Warcraft mainland set in June 8th,
and super hero blockbuster X men: Apocalypse met! Warcraft set in June 8th,
broke into the Dragon Boat Festival,
universal pictures produced by Warcraft mainland China set file on June 8th (Wednesday),
this time ahead of North America two days.
As a game adaptation film based on thousands of fans in China,
the Warcraft archives will undoubtedly bring a blockbuster to the city.
Although it is scheduled Wednesday,
but in June 9th is the beginning of the Dragon Boat Festival Schedule,
wow will obviously become the Dragon Boat Festival season ov

Information daily list May 2nd WeChat public influence list

read the original to see the new index algorithm.
The above content is published using the new list editor.
New edition editor,
multi platform,
a key distribution,
massive online image search,
big data to help you understand what is worth writing,
rich style center,
may be the best editor in china.
New list xdnphb welcome to access the content of entrepreneurial services platform newrank.
PC side access better! Consultation,
data services,
all kinds of cooperation,
please send mail to bd@newrank.
cn or add a small WeChat standings sister (newrankmm).

A dog with terminal cancer has finally found an organization

s been unable to stop the lazy dog not lazy,
lazy for them is a kind of life attitude to eat.
in order to have a meal,
the lazy dog will be slightly too lazy to move down the stairs.
this is the new labor skills.
Even too lazy to take a shower.
10 oxen can pull I think the dog born lazy.
Me too lazy to play dead.
watching TV is lazy.
they met the treadmill.
too lazy to play dead baby toys.
even the love ball,
lying can also play to turn ah.
This way.
Occasionally will be unexpected popularity and his companions are too lazy to get up in the morning to get up.
Let me sleep in.
30 seconds.
I pick up the ball to.
To call them.
It was stolen in the estimation of the ball over his The outdoor play,
on-site service,
genuine mall W

High German map Title millet lost hutch Business Week list

nterprises double micro influence list today released sixty-eighth,
the list of statistical cycles from April 25th to May 1st,
statistics as at 2 on 12 o'clock.
This week's top three exchange shake.
The championship was won by the high moral map,
which was shot out by a strong shot.
With the hot spot Galaxy rich two generations,
WeChat won 100 thousand +.
Last week's Durex hit Waterloo,
fell outside the twenty,
marketing pocketed the eye matter,
but also consider the risk of policy.
Millet hutch again resurgence,
millet mobile phone and millet rankings have increased significantly,
this week in two or three,
lost to the High German map.
when the show season,
Beijing Hyundai and Changan automobile also reached the ten.
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Foreigners dumbfounded China even in egg futures soaring

beginning of March Chinese futures market has become extremely popular.
Let the overseas surprise,
this round of stir is not limited to the boom of iron ore and other industrial varieties,
and even transfer to the egg this everyday is not conspicuous on the varieties of agricultural products.
Since the beginning of March,
Dalian commodity exchange contract egg from 3015 yuan / ton,
pulled up sharply in April 29th to 4029 yuan / ton,
rose more than 30%.
April trading volume increased by 19% year on year.
But fundamentals do not support the rise in egg prices.
There is no mass outbreak in the chicken population,
nor is there any tight supply of facts and expectations.
China is the world's largest producer of eggs.
At the same time,
the situation is entirely off track with official figures sh

Dispute a piece of money can smoke BMW, experts and gambling should be stopped

le source: CNR network,
the market value of about 300000 yuan luxury cars,
brand-name bags,
flagship mobile phone,
you can get a dollar! Usually someone wants to tell you that,
I'm sure you won't believe it.
But recently,
this kind of good thing that can make a big deal on the Internet has become everywhere.
Valuable cars,
famous bags handy,
who can not be tempted? A BMW for a dollar? It's a shopping website called one yuan draw.
Log on to this site and you'll get the lucky draw for just one yuan,
and you'll have the chance to pick up hundreds of thousands of BMW cars.
You might ask,
what about the winning rate? Don't worry,
the website with a variety of lucky video xianshenshuifa responded: very high.
is it really cheap to make such a raffle? In the search engine input Indi

The kingdom of visual beauty

white is actually pure,
authentic meaning,
so Belarus means authentic Russian.
Belarus nation and Russian,
Ukraine nationality belong to ancient East Slavic descent,
but compared with Russia,
Ukraine two group,
Belarus Group retains the lineage and characteristics of pure qusra lady,
such as large eyes,
high nose,
deep eyes.
it has become a place of rich beauty,
and even the government regards its beauty as a national strategic resource.
As a small country in Eastern Europe,
Belarus's population is only about 10 million,
the economy is not developed,
according to the local Chinese students,
hair girl who is Chinese girl passionate,
though skin white,
but not dress,
fashionable clothes and cosmetics are usually the most girls like to receive gift.
This more than

This article is the most comprehensive about overseas circulation

am: I am the media,
is a professional international film and television copyright operations and financing advisory institutions,
focusing on the integration of domestic and foreign market resources.
WeChat: I have a fragment,
the status of Chinese and foreign film contrast overseas distribution,
has always been one of the cultural link is more easily accepted by the majority of the audience of the product,
should be in the foreign cultural trade plays an important.
in the treatment of overseas film output,
different from the majority of foreign movies or the institution of easily operation,
more than 95% of the Chinese film is like a shy little daughter-in-law,
wandering in the vast continent.
Chinese land,
At home,
according to the China film overseas promotion company da

[Live] - mother's Day gift out Harbour City to spend 200600 yuan to buy 18 gold jewelry SWAROVSKI

yone! Today,
we're going to PO luxcraft's LXC jewelry,
hidden in Maritime Building,
Harbour City! Jewelry as a woman's beloved,
not only an important symbol of fashion,
but also love life,
full of vitality of the perfect embodiment.
Jewelry is a beauty of love pretty women's pursuit of quality of life,
the jewelry can convey the pure warm love,
it can convey a graceful woman form graceful and temperament of Gao Jie.
To say that in Harbour City,
Harbour City mall area of two hundred thousand square meters,
is Hongkong's largest shopping center,
viewing in a body,
in Vitoria harbor stands more than forty years old,
grow together with Hongkong,
Hongkong is an indispensable scenic spot.
Lucraft belongs to the Hongkong local brands,
there are three: Sha

Drink, add treasure, Guangdong, Guangdong, Guangdong and gold

obao in Colleges and universities in Guangdong Province three football tournament hot start in May 3,
initiated by the universities of Guangdong Province in 2016 JDB title of three football championship ceremony held in Guangdong radio and television studio,
deputy director of the Guangdong Provincial Sports Bureau Xu Jianping,
Guangdong radio and television deputy editor Tan Tianxuan,
deputy Secretary of the Deputy Minister of Provincial Department of the Provincial Federation of schools Qiu Mingqi,
the JDB group leading media buying director Ceng Liqun and other guests attended the event,
witnessed the event officially opened.
It is understood that this event by the Guangdong television station,
Guangdong province Football Association,
Guangdong Province Federation of students spon

Vs in your mother's eyes, yourself in your eyes

am in action in my mother's eyes,
mean what one says,
or that everything is worry bear children.
When you stay in bed occasionally on weekends: you think you are your mother's eyes when you are not careful when you cut your finger,
you think you are your mother see your makeup skills up to you: your eyes your mother see you wearing a cool summer: you think you are your mother's eyes it is not easy for you to get rid of the single dog Title: when you see me in the eyes of your mother you are hungry when you see me in the eyes of your mother you eat at home: you think you are your mother think you in this life,
I love you forever,
no matter how much you now mature.
My heart will always be that need to be taken good care of the little girl.
When I was young,
happiness was an exclusive chick

[Rudy] there is a kind of inheritance called China basketball

called the Olympic Games there is a kind of inheritance,
called China's a belief called persist in the end there is a mission,
called the battle for the country thirty-two years has never been absent to embrace the pure heart dream of the Rio Olympics

The number of read and 90 social mentality investigation is not only a secure job is still rational money

he top of the Xinhua News Agency you can subscribe! Xinhua news agency,
May 3rd,
new media special news 90 was born selfish and vain? Do they still care about the iron rice bowl? Who is their life winner?.
On the eve of the 54 youth day,
Fudan University and the Shanghai Open University jointly published the survey report on College Students Psychology (2016),
which answered these questions to a certain extent.
The survey by random sampling method,
from covering different regions and different educational levels (including 985,
the ordinary undergraduate colleges,
) the Chinese selected 6351 university students through questionnaires and interviews,
a three-dimensional rendering of the 90 College Students' overall attitude,
value the concept and charac

[reminder] the face was injured 38 stitches, this thing in the refrigerator, bomb, you still do so...

g river (ID:dahebao19950801) summer in the refrigerator to freeze some drinks to drink well,
you do not know,
there are also security risks! Recently,
a boy in Shanghai,
took out a can of frozen Cola from the fridge and exploded instantly.
Because the gas eruption intensity,
the tank mouth Griphook straight into the face of the child,
the wound directly through liansai,
outside the hospital 31 stitches in 7 stitches.
Carbonated beverages do not chilled to 0 degrees centigrade in beer is not possible you might say,
who would drink beer was frozen hard,
but sometimes we have to make a little ice beer quickly,
from mobile to refrigerated frozen,
it is easy to forget to take out an accident! The evening of July 28,
Lee bought two bottles of beer in a century Hua

VICE SpaceX on air travel quotations to children even open 12 gun shot thief hospital micro-blog makes you stupid forwarding (but not this)

uesday May 3,
2016 VICE Laichuang briefing is a comprehensive news summary.
Aim to introduce the various or meaningless events that are happening in this flashy world for you to shift your mind to what you are doing when you don't want to get up / do not want to work.
Forwarding Twitter (or micro-blog) will make you stupid,
friends! Please forward this micro-blog: forwarding micro-blog will make you stupid.
Photograph not what than forwarding Twitter or micro-blog better -- only a few clicks of a mouse,
you can completely do not need to write the contents of their own circumstances show your interest with friends,
contact feelings,
increase the amount of reading,
or even between the big V is a common social ritual.
But recently,
a new study published in the Journal Computers in Human

Grab doll machine, there is a loophole, a catch a quasi

out Watching God Tucao,
I am all over the body thin! Spit tease,
welcome to today's [i] you new skills diffusion known relaxed moment [] in the martial arts routines she and his duel,
the veil was tiaola.
She covered her face and said,
the rules of our group,
the first time I saw a man of my looks,
or I killed him,
or I married him.
You're more skilled than I am.
I can't kill you,
so I decided.
she added,
it's a waste of this rule.
(unfathomable is your routine.
Today - end - down down down

We are labor day but in Zhao Liying Zhao Xiaodao's chowhound day

ng Zhao Liying Zhao Xiaodao eat delicacy at long Zhao Liying makeup photos yesterday night,
Zhao Liying drying out a photo of myself to eat at micro-blog,
fans shouted simply take revenge on society.
Zhao Liying makeup battle,
dressed in white,
took the bread gobble down,
also joked: walking the lakes identity cannot forget,
Zhao Xiaodao chowhound day ~ she also comes with a photo of their makeup,
fans praised the beauty! This article from the entertainment headlines (ID:yulemeiquan) issued to the authorized reprint order,
please contact the authorized lama129 [door] welcome to send mail coming to yulemeiquan@126.
com business cooperation QQ:800034192 the following key words you'll reply to! | | Zhang Yuqi | Gangjie addicted to grab the man | Princess Jerry Yan | | slag male | Ke Z

Everyone who says he put money valuation of trillions of dollars of free items

case] some people have exhausted their methods to make money,
and some have given up trillions of dollars in valuation,
just for the benefit of the masses.
Let's take a look at Khan's story today.
This humble young man is Salman Khan (Salman Khan),
40 years old.
He overturned American education,
became the godfather of mathematics,
let math teachers stop lecturing,
and Bill Gates held him.
He made it to the cover of Forbes magazine,
but he turned down  billion! Yes,
you heard right,
he declined to  billion! This guy is a family of cock silk.
His family is poor.
He is an immigrant from Bangladesh to the United states.
But he was a genius,
through his own efforts,
admitted to the United States,
Massachusetts Institute of Technology,
four years of reading mathematics,
computer science,

MUJI 4 years from loss of 1 billion to revenue 141 billion, relying on these 7 strokes

on: Muji in 2001 losses amounted to 1 billion yen (about 5 million 680 thousand yuan),
Japan once rumors of Muji is no good argument.
After Matsui Chusan took office,
a turnaround in two years,
a record in 2005 revenue of 141 billion yen (about 8 billion 10 million yuan) the best record of oral / Matsui Chusanwen / Bian grass source: the positive and the island's Muji philosophy of Muji is a brand created in 1980 from the West Group of friends within the Department from the beginning,
with their own ideas,
the basic idea is called cause for cheap,
and provide the same store quality,
but sold only 70% of the price,
this is Muji from the birth of the occasion to clear their position.
MUJI is a brand that has its own values.
The direct translation of Japanese means I only produce what I

When big three was scolded for 7 years, she finally got a low-key wedding for 200 people

when little three,
was scolded for 7 years,
she finally get a 200 people low-key wedding! 2,
TVB the difference of ten year old couple three years have three now finally ushered in their little princess 3,
she was sex scandal Andy Lau became popular,
low-key married rich,
now 4,
freaky breasts half dew when she was three play rape TVB is recognized as the best girlfriend was traced in after her boyfriend for the first time had denied the situation changed 5,
rice second storm season! 12 billion 800 million 4 months of mistress,
or will be 32E instead of four young model! 6,
compared to the former actor the scandal is the real killer king Edison Chan 7,
Miss Hong Kong the end three years F Cup love girlfriend had Dutch act 8,
45 year old Miss Hong Kong for composite flash marriage

My God, is this the TV play I saw when I was a kid?

st it didn't play in Qiong Yao 's party before I really love suddenly one day I found my fair princess become square down here: at that time I was ignorant of the force.
No response from me they are getting round down down down when I think this is the end point when the fair old expression package came again down here: the most terrible thing is even the romance in the rain can not escape the fate of the party down down down while the expression package ruined my childhood but really want these expression package ah how to obtain this expression package? You

I know you like them better than pure electric cars

the development of pure electric vehicles in the domestic,
although gradually rising,
but the current real acceptance and purchase intention of consumers,
after all,
only a small part.
In contrast,
the hybrid vehicles,
which are not in the category of new energy vehicles,
are more favored by domestic consumers because of their stronger practicability and higher overall performance price ratio.
These next listed or upcoming hybrid models,
the future is likely to usher in hot sales,
quickly see if you like! Bea Di Qen 100 (BYD Qin upgrade version) listed in the second half plug-in hybrid system: 1.
5TI direct injection turbocharged engine and motor electric mode mileage 100km (increased 30km than the current BYD Qin yuan) BYD plug-in hybrid version (i.
BYD dual template) price: 20.

Look at her 85 year old and look at your more than 20 year old

American model Carmen DELL - Ollie Faith (Carmen Dell orefice) has been 85 years old this year,
is the oldest T Taiwan model,
T on the stage she is charming,
elegant atmosphere,
no way inferior those young Model who are independent of age.
If you think fashion is just a game for young people,
then look at the pictures below and you'll see how shallow you are about fashion.
These photos are the photographer Ari Seth Cohen works,
he traveled all over the world to visit,
from Sweden to Italy,
South Africa,
captured the hero were more than 60 years old,
just to prove that fashion is not about age,
is a matter of attitude.
Uninhibited indulgence,
love freedom,
publicity dress,
killing those who play rock and roll young.
This is the real Granny ash.

Today is a day for all Hangzhou people to remember

ay 3rd,
the first working day after the small holiday,
but also the day that all the people in Hangzhou must remember.
67 years ago today,
China people's Liberation Army Third Army seventh Corps from the south across the Qiantang River bridge,
has brought new life to the old Hangzhou.
Click on video to watch the Hangzhou film documentary big March,
Shanghai Nanjing Hangzhou.
Eh? As we all know,
the liberation war is fought from the north to the south.
How is Hangzhou liberated from south to north? In early 1949,
the CPC Central Committee had special instructions: pay close attention to and stop the enemy before the withdrawal of the factory,
bridge damage,
especially to protect the Qiantang River bridge,
to meet the people's Liberation Army,
and took over the city.
The capture

1000 feet of magma, the result is too terrible

s not terrible magma can burn thousands of degrees all bite a piece of iron can melt on foot but why? [principle] the table from the table is not enough for the large-sized apartment table is too cool at capacity ten times,
still do not know how much [principle] pulmonary lens we see lungs are full state and that this is true but the breath is behoove this tone how much power? [warships how to launch water] warships are not made in water,
but built on land,
but thousands of tons of stuff on land are carried into the water! Science is rigorous,
but he can be so interesting! Look at more moving pictures,
and know the secret.
Please pay attention to the following WeChat public predator ID: tiexuejunshi airbag,
which is 700 minutes late Why can an octopus with a U-turn turn over? It's so simpl

Circle of friends essential to look at the face of self timer era has been OUT, to try headless photos

a photographer,
released a series of headless publications on social network INS some time ago.
The creation is inspired by the lyrics of I was on the beach in Ibiza and the song Where s Your Head At by Lenovo,
did not expect this group of photos make him popular,
but also set off a headless creation upsurge.
headless photography has become meaningful.
In the eyes of the curious girl,
in the P map software,
self artifact era,
the circle of friends from the camera have lost share of the mind,
but turned into a P contest.
Look at the red net in the photo,
we can not blame the blind face,
just so much alike.
There are several different people here.
Can you tell who is who? Therefore,
GIUSEPPE's accidental creation has a