We are labor day but in Zhao Liying Zhao Xiaodao's chowhound day

ng Zhao Liying Zhao Xiaodao eat delicacy at long Zhao Liying makeup photos yesterday night,
Zhao Liying drying out a photo of myself to eat at micro-blog,
fans shouted simply take revenge on society.
Zhao Liying makeup battle,
dressed in white,
took the bread gobble down,
also joked: walking the lakes identity cannot forget,
Zhao Xiaodao chowhound day ~ she also comes with a photo of their makeup,
fans praised the beauty! This article from the entertainment headlines (ID:yulemeiquan) issued to the authorized reprint order,
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Everyone who says he put money valuation of trillions of dollars of free items

case] some people have exhausted their methods to make money,
and some have given up trillions of dollars in valuation,
just for the benefit of the masses.
Let's take a look at Khan's story today.
This humble young man is Salman Khan (Salman Khan),
40 years old.
He overturned American education,
became the godfather of mathematics,
let math teachers stop lecturing,
and Bill Gates held him.
He made it to the cover of Forbes magazine,
but he turned down  billion! Yes,
you heard right,
he declined to  billion! This guy is a family of cock silk.
His family is poor.
He is an immigrant from Bangladesh to the United states.
But he was a genius,
through his own efforts,
admitted to the United States,
Massachusetts Institute of Technology,
four years of reading mathematics,
computer science,

MUJI 4 years from loss of 1 billion to revenue 141 billion, relying on these 7 strokes

on: Muji in 2001 losses amounted to 1 billion yen (about 5 million 680 thousand yuan),
Japan once rumors of Muji is no good argument.
After Matsui Chusan took office,
a turnaround in two years,
a record in 2005 revenue of 141 billion yen (about 8 billion 10 million yuan) the best record of oral / Matsui Chusanwen / Bian grass source: the positive and the island's Muji philosophy of Muji is a brand created in 1980 from the West Group of friends within the Department from the beginning,
with their own ideas,
the basic idea is called cause for cheap,
and provide the same store quality,
but sold only 70% of the price,
this is Muji from the birth of the occasion to clear their position.
MUJI is a brand that has its own values.
The direct translation of Japanese means I only produce what I

When big three was scolded for 7 years, she finally got a low-key wedding for 200 people

when little three,
was scolded for 7 years,
she finally get a 200 people low-key wedding! 2,
TVB the difference of ten year old couple three years have three now finally ushered in their little princess 3,
she was sex scandal Andy Lau became popular,
low-key married rich,
now 4,
freaky breasts half dew when she was three play rape TVB is recognized as the best girlfriend was traced in after her boyfriend for the first time had denied the situation changed 5,
rice second storm season! 12 billion 800 million 4 months of mistress,
or will be 32E instead of four young model! 6,
compared to the former actor the scandal is the real killer king Edison Chan 7,
Miss Hong Kong the end three years F Cup love girlfriend had Dutch act 8,
45 year old Miss Hong Kong for composite flash marriage

My God, is this the TV play I saw when I was a kid?

st it didn't play in Qiong Yao 's party before I really love suddenly one day I found my fair princess become square down here: at that time I was ignorant of the force.
No response from me they are getting round down down down when I think this is the end point when the fair old expression package came again down here: the most terrible thing is even the romance in the rain can not escape the fate of the party down down down while the expression package ruined my childhood but really want these expression package ah how to obtain this expression package? You

I know you like them better than pure electric cars

the development of pure electric vehicles in the domestic,
although gradually rising,
but the current real acceptance and purchase intention of consumers,
after all,
only a small part.
In contrast,
the hybrid vehicles,
which are not in the category of new energy vehicles,
are more favored by domestic consumers because of their stronger practicability and higher overall performance price ratio.
These next listed or upcoming hybrid models,
the future is likely to usher in hot sales,
quickly see if you like! Bea Di Qen 100 (BYD Qin upgrade version) listed in the second half plug-in hybrid system: 1.
5TI direct injection turbocharged engine and motor electric mode mileage 100km (increased 30km than the current BYD Qin yuan) BYD plug-in hybrid version (i.
BYD dual template) price: 20.

Look at her 85 year old and look at your more than 20 year old

American model Carmen DELL - Ollie Faith (Carmen Dell orefice) has been 85 years old this year,
is the oldest T Taiwan model,
T on the stage she is charming,
elegant atmosphere,
no way inferior those young Model who are independent of age.
If you think fashion is just a game for young people,
then look at the pictures below and you'll see how shallow you are about fashion.
These photos are the photographer Ari Seth Cohen works,
he traveled all over the world to visit,
from Sweden to Italy,
South Africa,
captured the hero were more than 60 years old,
just to prove that fashion is not about age,
is a matter of attitude.
Uninhibited indulgence,
love freedom,
publicity dress,
killing those who play rock and roll young.
This is the real Granny ash.

Today is a day for all Hangzhou people to remember

ay 3rd,
the first working day after the small holiday,
but also the day that all the people in Hangzhou must remember.
67 years ago today,
China people's Liberation Army Third Army seventh Corps from the south across the Qiantang River bridge,
has brought new life to the old Hangzhou.
Click on video to watch the Hangzhou film documentary big March,
Shanghai Nanjing Hangzhou.
Eh? As we all know,
the liberation war is fought from the north to the south.
How is Hangzhou liberated from south to north? In early 1949,
the CPC Central Committee had special instructions: pay close attention to and stop the enemy before the withdrawal of the factory,
bridge damage,
especially to protect the Qiantang River bridge,
to meet the people's Liberation Army,
and took over the city.
The capture

1000 feet of magma, the result is too terrible

s not terrible magma can burn thousands of degrees all bite a piece of iron can melt on foot but why? [principle] the table from the table is not enough for the large-sized apartment table is too cool at capacity ten times,
still do not know how much [principle] pulmonary lens we see lungs are full state and that this is true but the breath is behoove this tone how much power? [warships how to launch water] warships are not made in water,
but built on land,
but thousands of tons of stuff on land are carried into the water! Science is rigorous,
but he can be so interesting! Look at more moving pictures,
and know the secret.
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which is 700 minutes late Why can an octopus with a U-turn turn over? It's so simpl

Circle of friends essential to look at the face of self timer era has been OUT, to try headless photos

a photographer,
released a series of headless publications on social network INS some time ago.
The creation is inspired by the lyrics of I was on the beach in Ibiza and the song Where s Your Head At by Lenovo,
did not expect this group of photos make him popular,
but also set off a headless creation upsurge.
headless photography has become meaningful.
In the eyes of the curious girl,
in the P map software,
self artifact era,
the circle of friends from the camera have lost share of the mind,
but turned into a P contest.
Look at the red net in the photo,
we can not blame the blind face,
just so much alike.
There are several different people here.
Can you tell who is who? Therefore,
GIUSEPPE's accidental creation has a