Circle of friends essential to look at the face of self timer era has been OUT, to try headless photos

a photographer,
released a series of headless publications on social network INS some time ago.
The creation is inspired by the lyrics of I was on the beach in Ibiza and the song Where s Your Head At by Lenovo,
did not expect this group of photos make him popular,
but also set off a headless creation upsurge.
headless photography has become meaningful.
In the eyes of the curious girl,
in the P map software,
self artifact era,
the circle of friends from the camera have lost share of the mind,
but turned into a P contest.
Look at the red net in the photo,
we can not blame the blind face,
just so much alike.
There are several different people here.
Can you tell who is who? Therefore,
GIUSEPPE's accidental creation has a