Everyone who says he put money valuation of trillions of dollars of free items

case] some people have exhausted their methods to make money,
and some have given up trillions of dollars in valuation,
just for the benefit of the masses.
Let's take a look at Khan's story today.
This humble young man is Salman Khan (Salman Khan),
40 years old.
He overturned American education,
became the godfather of mathematics,
let math teachers stop lecturing,
and Bill Gates held him.
He made it to the cover of Forbes magazine,
but he turned down  billion! Yes,
you heard right,
he declined to  billion! This guy is a family of cock silk.
His family is poor.
He is an immigrant from Bangladesh to the United states.
But he was a genius,
through his own efforts,
admitted to the United States,
Massachusetts Institute of Technology,
four years of reading mathematics,
computer science,