I know you like them better than pure electric cars

the development of pure electric vehicles in the domestic,
although gradually rising,
but the current real acceptance and purchase intention of consumers,
after all,
only a small part.
In contrast,
the hybrid vehicles,
which are not in the category of new energy vehicles,
are more favored by domestic consumers because of their stronger practicability and higher overall performance price ratio.
These next listed or upcoming hybrid models,
the future is likely to usher in hot sales,
quickly see if you like! Bea Di Qen 100 (BYD Qin upgrade version) listed in the second half plug-in hybrid system: 1.
5TI direct injection turbocharged engine and motor electric mode mileage 100km (increased 30km than the current BYD Qin yuan) BYD plug-in hybrid version (i.
BYD dual template) price: 20.