Look at her 85 year old and look at your more than 20 year old

American model Carmen DELL - Ollie Faith (Carmen Dell orefice) has been 85 years old this year,
is the oldest T Taiwan model,
T on the stage she is charming,
elegant atmosphere,
no way inferior those young Model who are independent of age.
If you think fashion is just a game for young people,
then look at the pictures below and you'll see how shallow you are about fashion.
These photos are the photographer Ari Seth Cohen works,
he traveled all over the world to visit,
from Sweden to Italy,
South Africa,
captured the hero were more than 60 years old,
just to prove that fashion is not about age,
is a matter of attitude.
Uninhibited indulgence,
love freedom,
publicity dress,
killing those who play rock and roll young.
This is the real Granny ash.