MUJI 4 years from loss of 1 billion to revenue 141 billion, relying on these 7 strokes

on: Muji in 2001 losses amounted to 1 billion yen (about 5 million 680 thousand yuan),
Japan once rumors of Muji is no good argument.
After Matsui Chusan took office,
a turnaround in two years,
a record in 2005 revenue of 141 billion yen (about 8 billion 10 million yuan) the best record of oral / Matsui Chusanwen / Bian grass source: the positive and the island's Muji philosophy of Muji is a brand created in 1980 from the West Group of friends within the Department from the beginning,
with their own ideas,
the basic idea is called cause for cheap,
and provide the same store quality,
but sold only 70% of the price,
this is Muji from the birth of the occasion to clear their position.
MUJI is a brand that has its own values.
The direct translation of Japanese means I only produce what I