Today is a day for all Hangzhou people to remember

ay 3rd,
the first working day after the small holiday,
but also the day that all the people in Hangzhou must remember.
67 years ago today,
China people's Liberation Army Third Army seventh Corps from the south across the Qiantang River bridge,
has brought new life to the old Hangzhou.
Click on video to watch the Hangzhou film documentary big March,
Shanghai Nanjing Hangzhou.
Eh? As we all know,
the liberation war is fought from the north to the south.
How is Hangzhou liberated from south to north? In early 1949,
the CPC Central Committee had special instructions: pay close attention to and stop the enemy before the withdrawal of the factory,
bridge damage,
especially to protect the Qiantang River bridge,
to meet the people's Liberation Army,
and took over the city.
The capture