Foreigners dumbfounded China even in egg futures soaring

beginning of March Chinese futures market has become extremely popular.
Let the overseas surprise,
this round of stir is not limited to the boom of iron ore and other industrial varieties,
and even transfer to the egg this everyday is not conspicuous on the varieties of agricultural products.
Since the beginning of March,
Dalian commodity exchange contract egg from 3015 yuan / ton,
pulled up sharply in April 29th to 4029 yuan / ton,
rose more than 30%.
April trading volume increased by 19% year on year.
But fundamentals do not support the rise in egg prices.
There is no mass outbreak in the chicken population,
nor is there any tight supply of facts and expectations.
China is the world's largest producer of eggs.
At the same time,
the situation is entirely off track with official figures sh