High German map Title millet lost hutch Business Week list

nterprises double micro influence list today released sixty-eighth,
the list of statistical cycles from April 25th to May 1st,
statistics as at 2 on 12 o'clock.
This week's top three exchange shake.
The championship was won by the high moral map,
which was shot out by a strong shot.
With the hot spot Galaxy rich two generations,
WeChat won 100 thousand +.
Last week's Durex hit Waterloo,
fell outside the twenty,
marketing pocketed the eye matter,
but also consider the risk of policy.
Millet hutch again resurgence,
millet mobile phone and millet rankings have increased significantly,
this week in two or three,
lost to the High German map.
when the show season,
Beijing Hyundai and Changan automobile also reached the ten.
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