It's no joke that you have to throw away these things at home for 3 months at all

ge PS: feel shy,
Xiao Bian today again too late! In daily life,
it is a good habit of thrift but we should also pay attention to health.
Some things for a long time,
this will throw away the next Xiaobian take you to see what supplies are not suitable for long time use a bath ball bath ball usually hides a lot of bacteria,
especially in the bathroom this kind of wet place for 3 months the best time for the new contact lens case contact lens case after 3 months of use because every time the best throw open the lid of the box will be adsorbed bacteria that will increase the risk of infection of eye contact lens box is best not to put the bathroom because of damp easily lead to bacteria and mildew glasses box towel is the most frequently change things need to update the best control period in