[Live] - mother's Day gift out Harbour City to spend 200600 yuan to buy 18 gold jewelry SWAROVSKI

yone! Today,
we're going to PO luxcraft's LXC jewelry,
hidden in Maritime Building,
Harbour City! Jewelry as a woman's beloved,
not only an important symbol of fashion,
but also love life,
full of vitality of the perfect embodiment.
Jewelry is a beauty of love pretty women's pursuit of quality of life,
the jewelry can convey the pure warm love,
it can convey a graceful woman form graceful and temperament of Gao Jie.
To say that in Harbour City,
Harbour City mall area of two hundred thousand square meters,
is Hongkong's largest shopping center,
viewing in a body,
in Vitoria harbor stands more than forty years old,
grow together with Hongkong,
Hongkong is an indispensable scenic spot.
Lucraft belongs to the Hongkong local brands,
there are three: Sha