[reminder] the face was injured 38 stitches, this thing in the refrigerator, bomb, you still do so...

g river (ID:dahebao19950801) summer in the refrigerator to freeze some drinks to drink well,
you do not know,
there are also security risks! Recently,
a boy in Shanghai,
took out a can of frozen Cola from the fridge and exploded instantly.
Because the gas eruption intensity,
the tank mouth Griphook straight into the face of the child,
the wound directly through liansai,
outside the hospital 31 stitches in 7 stitches.
Carbonated beverages do not chilled to 0 degrees centigrade in beer is not possible you might say,
who would drink beer was frozen hard,
but sometimes we have to make a little ice beer quickly,
from mobile to refrigerated frozen,
it is easy to forget to take out an accident! The evening of July 28,
Lee bought two bottles of beer in a century Hua