This classic film in forty years finally reunited in deep V film

v_movier life,
just a moment to spring flowers in the spring and summer season,
and mixed season,
perhaps at this time should be occasional teacher Zhao Zhongxiang sounded the familiar animal mating,
but today still imagine Mr.
V a magnetic voice,
listen to Mr.
V about as far away as New York Cui Tribeca Film festival.
The Tribeca Film Festival held every year in this season,
has been held 15 sessions,
it was founded by the famous American actor Robert Deniro and producer Jan Rosente in 2002.
This year the Tribeca Film Festival is particularly remarkable,
because it makes the people created the classic film 40 years ago gathered together again! To see this,
you should also know that this cinematic classics is taxi driver.
The taxi driver was based on the end of the Vietnam War,
and Tra