VICE SpaceX on air travel quotations to children even open 12 gun shot thief hospital micro-blog makes you stupid forwarding (but not this)

uesday May 3,
2016 VICE Laichuang briefing is a comprehensive news summary.
Aim to introduce the various or meaningless events that are happening in this flashy world for you to shift your mind to what you are doing when you don't want to get up / do not want to work.
Forwarding Twitter (or micro-blog) will make you stupid,
friends! Please forward this micro-blog: forwarding micro-blog will make you stupid.
Photograph not what than forwarding Twitter or micro-blog better -- only a few clicks of a mouse,
you can completely do not need to write the contents of their own circumstances show your interest with friends,
contact feelings,
increase the amount of reading,
or even between the big V is a common social ritual.
But recently,
a new study published in the Journal Computers in Human