8 brands, part of the product was banned by Alibaba whole network

ring na Technology Review: May 12th morning news,
Alibaba announced the repaying part of non compliant business products,
small household appliances market operation to the first - hemisphere,
triangle 8 commodity category brand is a variety of the whole network repaying the punishment,
goods relates to electric water heater,
electric cooker,
electric Hot pot etc.
Some of these brands of goods due to quality problems,
is prohibited in Taobao,
1688 and other Alis electronic business platform continues to sell,
and the rest of the products will also be subject to more stringent sampling.
Sampling locked target repaying the Tmall data show that in the small appliance industry category,
the average due to the quality problem of consumer complaints is significantly higher than the value of the Tmall platform,
seriously affect the consumer experience.
According to the Alibaba platform commodity management center responsible person,
according to the rules,
if the brand after two times

Male god sent delicate goddess is very thin

ring l of modern fashion trend known as Shanghai of a city in the city of Shanghai a city filled with exquisite quality (picture material from the network) living in Shanghai city women every cell is the city deeply disseminated in the office work of the goddess know more with the delicate spirit of life at the moment they feel tentacles,
is ushering in a delicate encounter accidentaly across.
See the goddess in the work space encounter Zhen dilute Shanghai summer afternoon,
the office was filled with a trace of weariness.
neatly dressed in a tuxedo,
the male god stunning debut,
will be the afternoon fatigue swept away,
attracted a large number of white-collar women in the workplace.
With the music sounded,
men of God who instantly incarnation elegant dancers,
attract white-collar workers have stopped,
feel a sense of freshness in the scorching summer.
Delicate care,
so that the goddess feel Zhen dilute,
followed by male gods who use special Western dishes for white-collar workers

Looks a little sinister, when a small fish meets a tough character

ring nt little fish,
he met a fierce character.
This guy has a small angle,
cock heart snail,
also called conus,
is a highly poisonous marine organisms,
mainly grown in tropical waters is such as body.
Because the tip part of it hides a small opening,
which can have fangs venom,
enough to make the injured died.
Funny GIF map,
WeChats hottest dynamic map,
public accounts,
new users click to read the text,
quickly pay attention to this account

This is the first time to see the ice could eat dogs

ring he funny concentration camp to pay attention to me! In order to give Thailand a master two Home Wang cool,
then put the ice into a dog bowl.
Star Wang looks good is good to enjoy it ~ Thailand snack a dog! It doesnt look good,
but please bring me a bowl!

Flat wear this short legs embarrassing and sad farewell

now Jeff high-energy let the body become more tall woman,
but it is too hard! And it's not enough.
It's not enough to walk a little bit more.
Love back flat heart more dependable ~ and,
as long as the master of a method of wear on,
choose the style,
flat shoes can be significantly long legs! Want to know the shoes wear law which has a few strokes several? Wear small stars who are not used to high heels,
and quickly poke read the original and gather to learn!

Cannes Film Festival K and QueenSampquot Ampquot sat next to laughing once loved female students

ring  Film Festival to enter the second day,
directed by Judy Fosters Hollywood monster talented woman money premiere became the absolute Star home court,
including the director,
Clooney and Roberts,
three Hollywood 60 Montana lined up easily Hold live audience.
Amal Clunie (Amal Clooney),
George Clunie (George Clooney) at the 2016 Cannes Film Festival Money Monster premiere red carpet dress: Versace Amal (Atelier Versace) high Jessica Chastan (Jessica Chastain),
Naomi Watts (Naomi Watts),
Julian Moore (Julianne Moore) the elegant dress also sent still did not let us down.
In addition,
at the opening ceremony.
Krristen Stewart (Kristen Stewart) and Queen S are still busy to attend the luncheon party and other variety,
small K and former girlfriend Soko Chanel dinner in the meeting! More beautiful figure now to Fanfankan ~ Amal Clunie (Amal Clooney),
George Clunie (George Clooney) Queen S a Valentino to go to the Cannes Film Festival Cafe Society press luncheon,
five months pregnant,
is st

[original] egg car turned out to be oviparous

ring  can lay eggs! A BMW X5 in the car started,
did not see the pier on the spherical,
direct pressure up.
The results missed a place of oil,
which is four advertising? Oh,
youre not laying eggs alone! What fate?! Im drunk too!

Execution is not in place, everything is zero

ring is not in place,
emphasizing the objective difficulties and other issues,
and the emphasis on executive power and attention to detail is the best measure of marketing innovation,
temporarily summed up as ten equals zero.
A job without effort is equal to zero,
for each marketing person,
must learn to cherish,
learn to thanksgiving.
Under the financial crisis,
marketers should cherish the current opportunities.
in order to know how to seize the opportunity,
people will laugh at the end,
there is work if not to cherish,
golden rice will become mud bowl.
the ability to do nothing is equal to zero,
everyone has their own strengths,
know their strengths,
and through practice to allow their own value to other peoples identity,
in order to obtain more room for development.
if you think horse,
traveling thousands of miles,
to show their ability at the same time,
the horses will appear.
Always remember that potential advantages can only be an advantage,
or they will become a

From industry depth manuscript to venture capital field, how does entertainment capital transform?

ring u Chenyang source: Hedgehog commune reproduced in this article has been authorized two years ago in May,
Wu Lixiang and Zheng Dawson chatted about the public number of things,
a little perturbed.
Is it too late for us to start now? Well,
compared with the large ones,
its still a bit late.
Its OK.
The most important thing is to step out.
Although there is still hesitation in mind,
but the public number entertainment capital thus began his first push.
Among them,
Luyu Chen how 7 million 750 thousand of income a year constitute how aroused widespread concern.
Zheng Daosen was originally derived from the founder of a small detail -- the entertainment capital of the discovery,
as television shareholder Luyu Chen,
presided over a single set of Lu Yu about the salary is only more than 5400,
but the annual income is 7 million 750 thousand.
So Zheng Daosen writer,
Wu Lixiang analysis behind the industry average price of the company,
from the incision,
they analyzed the

By Fang as bainiaozhaofeng on your knees kneel this can save other art film

ring er: if I can only like you to knee,
bring 2000 added to bainiaozhaofeng,
that I would like to see this opportunity today to kneel quietly released no in.
Although you kneel in that two rich generation commercial blockbusters,
but in my opinion the fans,
bainiaozhaofeng is undoubtedly the theatrical film born with a golden spoon two rich generation: from the day of the premiere nine yard line manager Qi appearance,
number of directors will support star join situation.
You can know it a priori than most art films have more abundant resources.
As the movie tap water,
you kneel to the courtyard line,
did increase the bainiaozhaofeng row piece,
but these spare limited and precious matches,
obviously not from the Captain America and other 3 blockbuster,
but out of the row piece in other movies.
I do not want to conspiracy theory that you kneel is a film in the capital market,
but also a good story,
but the feelings of this card really can be self abuse it? June,
as well as roadside pi