8 brands, part of the product was banned by Alibaba whole network

ring na Technology Review: May 12th morning news,
Alibaba announced the repaying part of non compliant business products,
small household appliances market operation to the first - hemisphere,
triangle 8 commodity category brand is a variety of the whole network repaying the punishment,
goods relates to electric water heater,
electric cooker,
electric Hot pot etc.
Some of these brands of goods due to quality problems,
is prohibited in Taobao,
1688 and other Alis electronic business platform continues to sell,
and the rest of the products will also be subject to more stringent sampling.
Sampling locked target repaying the Tmall data show that in the small appliance industry category,
the average due to the quality problem of consumer complaints is significantly higher than the value of the Tmall platform,
seriously affect the consumer experience.
According to the Alibaba platform commodity management center responsible person,
according to the rules,
if the brand after two times