By Fang as bainiaozhaofeng on your knees kneel this can save other art film

ring er: if I can only like you to knee,
bring 2000 added to bainiaozhaofeng,
that I would like to see this opportunity today to kneel quietly released no in.
Although you kneel in that two rich generation commercial blockbusters,
but in my opinion the fans,
bainiaozhaofeng is undoubtedly the theatrical film born with a golden spoon two rich generation: from the day of the premiere nine yard line manager Qi appearance,
number of directors will support star join situation.
You can know it a priori than most art films have more abundant resources.
As the movie tap water,
you kneel to the courtyard line,
did increase the bainiaozhaofeng row piece,
but these spare limited and precious matches,
obviously not from the Captain America and other 3 blockbuster,
but out of the row piece in other movies.
I do not want to conspiracy theory that you kneel is a film in the capital market,
but also a good story,
but the feelings of this card really can be self abuse it? June,
as well as roadside pi