Cannes Film Festival K and QueenSampquot Ampquot sat next to laughing once loved female students

ring  Film Festival to enter the second day,
directed by Judy Fosters Hollywood monster talented woman money premiere became the absolute Star home court,
including the director,
Clooney and Roberts,
three Hollywood 60 Montana lined up easily Hold live audience.
Amal Clunie (Amal Clooney),
George Clunie (George Clooney) at the 2016 Cannes Film Festival Money Monster premiere red carpet dress: Versace Amal (Atelier Versace) high Jessica Chastan (Jessica Chastain),
Naomi Watts (Naomi Watts),
Julian Moore (Julianne Moore) the elegant dress also sent still did not let us down.
In addition,
at the opening ceremony.
Krristen Stewart (Kristen Stewart) and Queen S are still busy to attend the luncheon party and other variety,
small K and former girlfriend Soko Chanel dinner in the meeting! More beautiful figure now to Fanfankan ~ Amal Clunie (Amal Clooney),
George Clunie (George Clooney) Queen S a Valentino to go to the Cannes Film Festival Cafe Society press luncheon,
five months pregnant,
is st