Execution is not in place, everything is zero

ring is not in place,
emphasizing the objective difficulties and other issues,
and the emphasis on executive power and attention to detail is the best measure of marketing innovation,
temporarily summed up as ten equals zero.
A job without effort is equal to zero,
for each marketing person,
must learn to cherish,
learn to thanksgiving.
Under the financial crisis,
marketers should cherish the current opportunities.
in order to know how to seize the opportunity,
people will laugh at the end,
there is work if not to cherish,
golden rice will become mud bowl.
the ability to do nothing is equal to zero,
everyone has their own strengths,
know their strengths,
and through practice to allow their own value to other peoples identity,
in order to obtain more room for development.
if you think horse,
traveling thousands of miles,
to show their ability at the same time,
the horses will appear.
Always remember that potential advantages can only be an advantage,
or they will become a