From industry depth manuscript to venture capital field, how does entertainment capital transform?

ring u Chenyang source: Hedgehog commune reproduced in this article has been authorized two years ago in May,
Wu Lixiang and Zheng Dawson chatted about the public number of things,
a little perturbed.
Is it too late for us to start now? Well,
compared with the large ones,
its still a bit late.
Its OK.
The most important thing is to step out.
Although there is still hesitation in mind,
but the public number entertainment capital thus began his first push.
Among them,
Luyu Chen how 7 million 750 thousand of income a year constitute how aroused widespread concern.
Zheng Daosen was originally derived from the founder of a small detail -- the entertainment capital of the discovery,
as television shareholder Luyu Chen,
presided over a single set of Lu Yu about the salary is only more than 5400,
but the annual income is 7 million 750 thousand.
So Zheng Daosen writer,
Wu Lixiang analysis behind the industry average price of the company,
from the incision,
they analyzed the