Male god sent delicate goddess is very thin

ring l of modern fashion trend known as Shanghai of a city in the city of Shanghai a city filled with exquisite quality (picture material from the network) living in Shanghai city women every cell is the city deeply disseminated in the office work of the goddess know more with the delicate spirit of life at the moment they feel tentacles,
is ushering in a delicate encounter accidentaly across.
See the goddess in the work space encounter Zhen dilute Shanghai summer afternoon,
the office was filled with a trace of weariness.
neatly dressed in a tuxedo,
the male god stunning debut,
will be the afternoon fatigue swept away,
attracted a large number of white-collar women in the workplace.
With the music sounded,
men of God who instantly incarnation elegant dancers,
attract white-collar workers have stopped,
feel a sense of freshness in the scorching summer.
Delicate care,
so that the goddess feel Zhen dilute,
followed by male gods who use special Western dishes for white-collar workers