In May, the day, this is not to understand the MV, let you understand the summer light behind the gentle

ring mmer after May day tell us growth is gently embrace the world in this new era,
people are busy buying new clothes for the new object,
the lead singer of the band are busy trying to wait a variety of musical styles,
annual one hundred new songs.
In May,
the day,
but calmly for a song 17 years ago to shoot the MV,
that is the first lot of people KTV must point program gentle.
As soon as the new MV came out,
fans shouted,
the five members of the day in May were only passers-by,
and they showed their faces at the end of the MV.
But I have to say,
this is really great MV,
directly to the soft of this song in 17 years,
in addition to singing the love of another layer of meaning - growth,
with seventeen years of the May day and us.
Really want to read this MV,
in fact,
from a few years ago that summer light years MV talking about.
I am proud of the destruction of my hatred of ordinary male Lord,
the biggest hobby is painting,
but forced to read books,
a little bit unsatis

Why have pushed Nissan buddy MITSUBISHI false door

ring s the Japanese car firms,
but also mutual cooperation buddy,
why MITSUBISHI Nissan tongshicaoge? Everything is a Li word.
Financial decision No.
1: ENNweekly (long press copy),
the national financial weekly reporter Zhang Yaolan for the Japanese brand car Buddy - Nissan and MITSUBISHI,
the friendship of the boat suddenly turned.
In April 20,
the German public,
who has been held up by the emission gate,
has a fellow worker in Japan,
and MITSUBISHI has been traced to fuel consumption fraud,
which has been its partner for many years - nissan.
After the scandal,
MITSUBISHI shares fell cliff like 1 hours,
down 15%.
Three weeks after the incident,
the market value of the evaporation of MITSUBISHI car 42%,
about  billion,
related models of sales also immediately cut.
The fake door model involved by the joint venture company NMKV development design,
the company was established in 2010,
MITSUBISHI and Nissan car accounted for 50% of each share.
Models by MITSUBISHI for manufacturing,

I just love your low EQ

ring  | Wutu with |GothicQueen source | writers circle (ID:xieshouquan010) 1.
see the Ode to joy,
a play on the singularity of seckill many teenage girls,
first with a guessing game online Liao Mei,
meet to know each other love taste,
choose appropriate restaurant after paying.
This one looks not particularly handsome man but charming behavior.
Hes really capable and talented,
but hes got three points against everybody and five points.
Even his lover,
will investigate behind closed doors.
Know that Andy has a family history of genetic disorders,
not only she may be mentally ill,
the future of children are likely to inherit the singularity,
the heart of the contradictions have long been revealed.
How can Andys high IQ be imperceptible?.
As a live person all things to all men always have to consider worldly-wise and play safe,
the feelings of the parents,
and Andy together is too risky.
After all,
this relationship is irresponsible for ones life and future generations.
Singularity can be so

Mo Yan's speech in Japan was so shocking that all the bad guys had the same ending

ring  tell those upstarts,
corrupt officials,
corrupt officials are using our literary works,
they are in the same boat,
if the ship sank,
whether youre wearing a brand,
full of jewelry,
shabby in dress or having not a single copper result is the same.
Mo Yans speech at the Forum on East Asian literature,
the speech entitled who are guilty?.
Some people say that Mo Yan deserves the Nobel prize only for this speech.
Thank you and I admire Japanese friends for choosing such a rich topic for the forum.
Human society is noisy,
out of order,
scene of debauchery,
sensual pleasures,
looks very complicated,
but serious thought,
but also the pursuit of wealth and poverty,
rich in pursuit of pleasure and stimulation -- basically is such a little thing.
There is a big Chinese ancient sage Sima Qian said: the world hee hee,
are to benefit; the world,
all profits go to.
a Chinese sage,
said: rich and expensive,
what people want,
poor and cheap,
people are ev

It was made a vegetable queen, and 99 of the people didn't know how to eat it

ring to leaves,
that is,
after the sweet potato in autumn,
the leaves on the top of the stem are ripe.
The test shows that every one hundred grams of fresh sweet potato leaves containing 2.
28 grams of protein,
2 grams fat,
1 grams of sugar,
mineral potassium 16 mg,
3 mg of iron,
phosphorus 34 mg,
42 mg carotene,
vitamin C0.
32 mg.
Compared with common vegetables,
the mineral and vitamin content is excellent,
and the carotene content is even higher than the carrot.
As a result,
the Asian Vegetable Research Centre has named sweet potato leaves a highly nutritious vegetable variety and called it vegetable queen.
Study on the nutritional value of modern nutrition of sweet potato leaf showed that the sweet potato leaf has a special flavor and rich nutrition,
is a variety of vegetables do not match,
a lot of vitamin C and vitamin B2,
carotenoid and tocopherol content,
is the human body needs a good source of minerals.
According to the analysis,
sweet potato leaves contain carotene,
vitamin C,

[fishing friends contribute] clever do not knot big line

ring ng friends often hit the main line when fishing for fish,
the reason for it,
mostly for big lines damaged or knotted,
did not deal with,
and now we introduce a large line of practice,
no knot big line! First of all,
we expand the line with the stem part of the connection,
and this part is the most important.
Ive been here many times before!!! Notice that the space bean,
when worn,
is a single wire that enters the beans and then cuts the steel wire.
Dont go into a double strand wire,
a space beans,
which also has the damage of line.
If this double stranded wire inside,
and then pull the space beans,
will have damage to the line.
Remember!!!!!! At this point,
the big line is no knot,
the space beans do not need to knot the knot below,
and rest assured that the space beans will not slip down.
If you worry about accidentally pulling out the beans,
you can put a knot in the short line that comes out,
as follows!! The knot doesnt affect the entire line,
and of course,
the knot doesnt need to be hi

Five years, the most profitable industry exposure, such people most promising

ring recommend stocks,
diagnostic function on-line ~ click on the gold online public number menu bar,
boutique sinks - stock diagnostics,
you can view the latest stock rating! The National Bureau of Statistics announced on 13 2015 the average wage data,
all of a table platform survey unit employment average annual wage of 53615 yuan,
the National Urban Non private units average wage is 62029 yuan,
the national urban private sector employment in the average wage is 39589 yuan.
Increase in 2015 in the average annual wage of post employment.
From the National Bureau of statistics in the face of this group of national average income data,
many netizens said,
he himself after dragging his legs,
Xiaobian also sad look at their salary.
About money bag! These industries high wages,
do not look at the loss of up to 2015 Urban Non private sector employment industry average annual wage.
From the National Bureau of statistics of non private units,
despite the increase in the financial industry is relatively

Cosmetic instrument reverse growth goddess Ivy Chen 30 is still delicate, like 18, what is her favorite skin care instrument?

ring s running boys,
do you guys have wood to see? My brother is a [[and] Peng Peng Zhang Tianai healer fairy son of the period Ivy Chen]! (here I want to get a word,
do not know if you have not thought of running man more and more ugly,
played quite false,
now basically a period it was not what the bursting point,
a strong Amway Friday variety special partner,
on good guys!) This period in order to see ah Meng Da Chen Dafa! Baidu,
Ivy Chen is 82 years,
that is,
she has this year.
34 years old!! What? Can you see that?! Like most people,
I first met Ivy Chen also because of the struggle for the small fairy,
I was just thinking,
oh how will the eyes so watery girl? After all these years,
Ivy Chen is still a young girl.
Open her,
or 18 years old brilliant ~ she fried chicken,
like sports,
less time to spend so hard,
she also early morning run,
is also worship! And there is a very classic action is,
where to travel to leave her upside down figure ~ she said,
in the

Gao Yi Wei Sike Ampquot Ampquot elelux asset investment fundamentals live in these areas

ring nd report: chinafundnews [WeChat] review 2016 has more than half of the A shares of the wind and rain,
fog continues,
the mood of investors as a badly frightened person.
In the future,
which plate will have the opportunity? What storms are there in the financial markets? The source | good buy fund research center,
chief research officer elelux Vico Yi assets served as a partner of Shanghai Greenwoods Asset Management Limited,
over the past 4 years to participate in the management of private equity products achieved outstanding investment performance.
Before the inauguration to build letter fund management Co.
served as deputy director of the investment department,
members of the investment committee,
the fund manager.
He has worked as an industry researcher in many fields such as consumer goods,
real estate,
investment goods,
TMT and so on.
During the tenure of Jing Lin assets,
we have participated in the management of a large number of private equity fund products and QFII accounts,