Cosmetic instrument reverse growth goddess Ivy Chen 30 is still delicate, like 18, what is her favorite skin care instrument?

ring s running boys,
do you guys have wood to see? My brother is a [[and] Peng Peng Zhang Tianai healer fairy son of the period Ivy Chen]! (here I want to get a word,
do not know if you have not thought of running man more and more ugly,
played quite false,
now basically a period it was not what the bursting point,
a strong Amway Friday variety special partner,
on good guys!) This period in order to see ah Meng Da Chen Dafa! Baidu,
Ivy Chen is 82 years,
that is,
she has this year.
34 years old!! What? Can you see that?! Like most people,
I first met Ivy Chen also because of the struggle for the small fairy,
I was just thinking,
oh how will the eyes so watery girl? After all these years,
Ivy Chen is still a young girl.
Open her,
or 18 years old brilliant ~ she fried chicken,
like sports,
less time to spend so hard,
she also early morning run,
is also worship! And there is a very classic action is,
where to travel to leave her upside down figure ~ she said,
in the