[fishing friends contribute] clever do not knot big line

ring ng friends often hit the main line when fishing for fish,
the reason for it,
mostly for big lines damaged or knotted,
did not deal with,
and now we introduce a large line of practice,
no knot big line! First of all,
we expand the line with the stem part of the connection,
and this part is the most important.
Ive been here many times before!!! Notice that the space bean,
when worn,
is a single wire that enters the beans and then cuts the steel wire.
Dont go into a double strand wire,
a space beans,
which also has the damage of line.
If this double stranded wire inside,
and then pull the space beans,
will have damage to the line.
Remember!!!!!! At this point,
the big line is no knot,
the space beans do not need to knot the knot below,
and rest assured that the space beans will not slip down.
If you worry about accidentally pulling out the beans,
you can put a knot in the short line that comes out,
as follows!! The knot doesnt affect the entire line,
and of course,
the knot doesnt need to be hi