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you can view the latest stock rating! The National Bureau of Statistics announced on 13 2015 the average wage data,
all of a table platform survey unit employment average annual wage of 53615 yuan,
the National Urban Non private units average wage is 62029 yuan,
the national urban private sector employment in the average wage is 39589 yuan.
Increase in 2015 in the average annual wage of post employment.
From the National Bureau of statistics in the face of this group of national average income data,
many netizens said,
he himself after dragging his legs,
Xiaobian also sad look at their salary.
About money bag! These industries high wages,
do not look at the loss of up to 2015 Urban Non private sector employment industry average annual wage.
From the National Bureau of statistics of non private units,
despite the increase in the financial industry is relatively