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ring nd report: chinafundnews [WeChat] review 2016 has more than half of the A shares of the wind and rain,
fog continues,
the mood of investors as a badly frightened person.
In the future,
which plate will have the opportunity? What storms are there in the financial markets? The source | good buy fund research center,
chief research officer elelux Vico Yi assets served as a partner of Shanghai Greenwoods Asset Management Limited,
over the past 4 years to participate in the management of private equity products achieved outstanding investment performance.
Before the inauguration to build letter fund management Co.
served as deputy director of the investment department,
members of the investment committee,
the fund manager.
He has worked as an industry researcher in many fields such as consumer goods,
real estate,
investment goods,
TMT and so on.
During the tenure of Jing Lin assets,
we have participated in the management of a large number of private equity fund products and QFII accounts,