I just love your low EQ

ring  | Wutu with |GothicQueen source | writers circle (ID:xieshouquan010) 1.
see the Ode to joy,
a play on the singularity of seckill many teenage girls,
first with a guessing game online Liao Mei,
meet to know each other love taste,
choose appropriate restaurant after paying.
This one looks not particularly handsome man but charming behavior.
Hes really capable and talented,
but hes got three points against everybody and five points.
Even his lover,
will investigate behind closed doors.
Know that Andy has a family history of genetic disorders,
not only she may be mentally ill,
the future of children are likely to inherit the singularity,
the heart of the contradictions have long been revealed.
How can Andys high IQ be imperceptible?.
As a live person all things to all men always have to consider worldly-wise and play safe,
the feelings of the parents,
and Andy together is too risky.
After all,
this relationship is irresponsible for ones life and future generations.
Singularity can be so