In May, the day, this is not to understand the MV, let you understand the summer light behind the gentle

ring mmer after May day tell us growth is gently embrace the world in this new era,
people are busy buying new clothes for the new object,
the lead singer of the band are busy trying to wait a variety of musical styles,
annual one hundred new songs.
In May,
the day,
but calmly for a song 17 years ago to shoot the MV,
that is the first lot of people KTV must point program gentle.
As soon as the new MV came out,
fans shouted,
the five members of the day in May were only passers-by,
and they showed their faces at the end of the MV.
But I have to say,
this is really great MV,
directly to the soft of this song in 17 years,
in addition to singing the love of another layer of meaning - growth,
with seventeen years of the May day and us.
Really want to read this MV,
in fact,
from a few years ago that summer light years MV talking about.
I am proud of the destruction of my hatred of ordinary male Lord,
the biggest hobby is painting,
but forced to read books,
a little bit unsatis