It was made a vegetable queen, and 99 of the people didn't know how to eat it

ring to leaves,
that is,
after the sweet potato in autumn,
the leaves on the top of the stem are ripe.
The test shows that every one hundred grams of fresh sweet potato leaves containing 2.
28 grams of protein,
2 grams fat,
1 grams of sugar,
mineral potassium 16 mg,
3 mg of iron,
phosphorus 34 mg,
42 mg carotene,
vitamin C0.
32 mg.
Compared with common vegetables,
the mineral and vitamin content is excellent,
and the carotene content is even higher than the carrot.
As a result,
the Asian Vegetable Research Centre has named sweet potato leaves a highly nutritious vegetable variety and called it vegetable queen.
Study on the nutritional value of modern nutrition of sweet potato leaf showed that the sweet potato leaf has a special flavor and rich nutrition,
is a variety of vegetables do not match,
a lot of vitamin C and vitamin B2,
carotenoid and tocopherol content,
is the human body needs a good source of minerals.
According to the analysis,
sweet potato leaves contain carotene,
vitamin C,