Mo Yan's speech in Japan was so shocking that all the bad guys had the same ending

ring  tell those upstarts,
corrupt officials,
corrupt officials are using our literary works,
they are in the same boat,
if the ship sank,
whether youre wearing a brand,
full of jewelry,
shabby in dress or having not a single copper result is the same.
Mo Yans speech at the Forum on East Asian literature,
the speech entitled who are guilty?.
Some people say that Mo Yan deserves the Nobel prize only for this speech.
Thank you and I admire Japanese friends for choosing such a rich topic for the forum.
Human society is noisy,
out of order,
scene of debauchery,
sensual pleasures,
looks very complicated,
but serious thought,
but also the pursuit of wealth and poverty,
rich in pursuit of pleasure and stimulation -- basically is such a little thing.
There is a big Chinese ancient sage Sima Qian said: the world hee hee,
are to benefit; the world,
all profits go to.
a Chinese sage,
said: rich and expensive,
what people want,
poor and cheap,
people are ev