Why have pushed Nissan buddy MITSUBISHI false door

ring s the Japanese car firms,
but also mutual cooperation buddy,
why MITSUBISHI Nissan tongshicaoge? Everything is a Li word.
Financial decision No.
1: ENNweekly (long press copy),
the national financial weekly reporter Zhang Yaolan for the Japanese brand car Buddy - Nissan and MITSUBISHI,
the friendship of the boat suddenly turned.
In April 20,
the German public,
who has been held up by the emission gate,
has a fellow worker in Japan,
and MITSUBISHI has been traced to fuel consumption fraud,
which has been its partner for many years - nissan.
After the scandal,
MITSUBISHI shares fell cliff like 1 hours,
down 15%.
Three weeks after the incident,
the market value of the evaporation of MITSUBISHI car 42%,
about  billion,
related models of sales also immediately cut.
The fake door model involved by the joint venture company NMKV development design,
the company was established in 2010,
MITSUBISHI and Nissan car accounted for 50% of each share.
Models by MITSUBISHI for manufacturing,