[G] Super SMG lottery experts express analysis of winning audience list

ring : have you watched todays super G contest? We have analyzed three lottery expert Han Yizhong teacher focus battle Spain and Germany for everyone,
after a lively discussion and expert of the host,
the final conclusion is that Bremen win,
emperor horse wins,
Barcelona will win 2 or more balls.
How many friends predict that? Bremen wins victory in the relegation zone,
only one road,
although the Korean teacher began to give conservative results Bremen unbeaten,
but can not bear the host of questioning,
the cornered Han teacher finally gave Bremen wins the answer; and for the second field off negative Real Madrid victory over La Coruna as a result of experts the host and the audience,
this is not what too much disagreement.
Third negative field,
in order to ensure that the Spanish champions Barcelona,
this will also ensure the victory without reservation,
but because Barca let two ball,
2 ball above is a question whether the universe team win.
The host may suspect Barcelona resorted to underhand,

Handsome appearance, affordable, domestic cost-effective SUV, plus a car

ring  drive in recent years,
Chinas auto market SUV hot,
so that independent brands through this Dongfeng,
is frequently staged a period of sales myth.
Of course,
no one wants to waste this great opportunity.
The manufacturers are doing all they can to develop new SUV to meet the various needs of the market.
Even in different levels of each segment of the market,
but also launched a comprehensive layout of the product.
The small SUV market,
which is the military hundred-percent a hotly contested spot,
just one or two years,
gathered such as Changan CS35,
refine S3,
V3 and other popular models in china.
This is not a little taste of the catch up from behind Beiqi Saab also not resigned to playing second fiddle after the launch of the X25,
and more active preparations,
timely introduction of X35,
make the brand more competitive.
the car arrived,
and uncle from Hangzhou brick Saab X35 with the test report! General guidance: May 20th announced the price and the listing of the engine: the 1.
5L na

The center compiles my VC rule

ring le is compiled by China Investor center.
Translators note: the author is Adam Besvinick,
Deep Fork capital investors,
this is his own back and forth in the investment requirements of self rule,
for each investor reference projects.
My VC rule has been around the investment circle for almost two years,
and Ive had one thousand meetings or phone calls with these entrepreneurs.
Almost everyone of them and I shared my background in Deep Fork,
and how I took the time to build the right context for the founders communication and potential partnerships to help them.
I have listed in and I found / LED investment projects,
in which I communicate,
strive for personal rule / principle / standard to comply with,
and how I do the best to accomplish the task.
Some of them may look very basic,
very much on the table,
and to be honest,
a lot of them are.
But I hear too much VC doesnt do these little things so I cant ignore it.
The public put on this piece of paper,
I hope to be able to achie

The end of the sink frightened me

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Miss Barbara Yung died thirty-one, here loaded with beautiful memories of Qiao Huang Rong

ring ar in May 14th.
This day,
for the nostalgia monarch,
undoubtedly has a special significance.
The life first called Idol her suicide in May 14,
death of a beauty.
So far,
thirty-one years have passed.
She is Barbara Yung.
She played Huang Rong,
and the 83 edition of heroes of the Condor,
I believe that not only the love of the past Kings life,
but also a collective memory of a generation.
The soundtrack tiexuedanxin Overture ~ ~ ~ ~ so far,
when tiexuedanxin passionate music sound,
will make people full of excitement.
When the young nostalgia Jun,
perception of the play is also the first theme song from the beginning.
Roman Tam Jenny Tseng,
the original Roman Tam Jenny Tseng Hello world always sound like the sounds of nature,
whether it is tiexuedanxin,
or life and meaningful for the 83 Hello world has always been legend version of the song,
Many years later today,
had not destroyed in the drama walk on Stephen Chow feelings,
let Adam and Karen Mok again dedu