[G] Super SMG lottery experts express analysis of winning audience list

ring : have you watched todays super G contest? We have analyzed three lottery expert Han Yizhong teacher focus battle Spain and Germany for everyone,
after a lively discussion and expert of the host,
the final conclusion is that Bremen win,
emperor horse wins,
Barcelona will win 2 or more balls.
How many friends predict that? Bremen wins victory in the relegation zone,
only one road,
although the Korean teacher began to give conservative results Bremen unbeaten,
but can not bear the host of questioning,
the cornered Han teacher finally gave Bremen wins the answer; and for the second field off negative Real Madrid victory over La Coruna as a result of experts the host and the audience,
this is not what too much disagreement.
Third negative field,
in order to ensure that the Spanish champions Barcelona,
this will also ensure the victory without reservation,
but because Barca let two ball,
2 ball above is a question whether the universe team win.
The host may suspect Barcelona resorted to underhand,