Handsome appearance, affordable, domestic cost-effective SUV, plus a car

ring  drive in recent years,
Chinas auto market SUV hot,
so that independent brands through this Dongfeng,
is frequently staged a period of sales myth.
Of course,
no one wants to waste this great opportunity.
The manufacturers are doing all they can to develop new SUV to meet the various needs of the market.
Even in different levels of each segment of the market,
but also launched a comprehensive layout of the product.
The small SUV market,
which is the military hundred-percent a hotly contested spot,
just one or two years,
gathered such as Changan CS35,
refine S3,
V3 and other popular models in china.
This is not a little taste of the catch up from behind Beiqi Saab also not resigned to playing second fiddle after the launch of the X25,
and more active preparations,
timely introduction of X35,
make the brand more competitive.
the car arrived,
and uncle from Hangzhou brick Saab X35 with the test report! General guidance: May 20th announced the price and the listing of the engine: the 1.
5L na