Miss Barbara Yung died thirty-one, here loaded with beautiful memories of Qiao Huang Rong

ring ar in May 14th.
This day,
for the nostalgia monarch,
undoubtedly has a special significance.
The life first called Idol her suicide in May 14,
death of a beauty.
So far,
thirty-one years have passed.
She is Barbara Yung.
She played Huang Rong,
and the 83 edition of heroes of the Condor,
I believe that not only the love of the past Kings life,
but also a collective memory of a generation.
The soundtrack tiexuedanxin Overture ~ ~ ~ ~ so far,
when tiexuedanxin passionate music sound,
will make people full of excitement.
When the young nostalgia Jun,
perception of the play is also the first theme song from the beginning.
Roman Tam Jenny Tseng,
the original Roman Tam Jenny Tseng Hello world always sound like the sounds of nature,
whether it is tiexuedanxin,
or life and meaningful for the 83 Hello world has always been legend version of the song,
Many years later today,
had not destroyed in the drama walk on Stephen Chow feelings,
let Adam and Karen Mok again dedu