The center compiles my VC rule

ring le is compiled by China Investor center.
Translators note: the author is Adam Besvinick,
Deep Fork capital investors,
this is his own back and forth in the investment requirements of self rule,
for each investor reference projects.
My VC rule has been around the investment circle for almost two years,
and Ive had one thousand meetings or phone calls with these entrepreneurs.
Almost everyone of them and I shared my background in Deep Fork,
and how I took the time to build the right context for the founders communication and potential partnerships to help them.
I have listed in and I found / LED investment projects,
in which I communicate,
strive for personal rule / principle / standard to comply with,
and how I do the best to accomplish the task.
Some of them may look very basic,
very much on the table,
and to be honest,
a lot of them are.
But I hear too much VC doesnt do these little things so I cant ignore it.
The public put on this piece of paper,
I hope to be able to achie